Marinetek offers a wide range of equipment for different purposes. The selection includes different accessories for swimming and safety in addition to other general necessities to make your spare time as easy and safe as possible. These include items such as electricity equipment, boat booms, mooring equipment and general pontoon equipment. More detailed descriptions can be found in the brochure.

Pontoon equipment

Marinetek’s pontoon equipment includes the widest range of access bridges and railings in the industry and meets many different customer needs. All products are high quality, safe, cost effective, long lasting and well engineered.

Water and electricity

Today’s boats demand a higher level of marina services. Marinetek provides a wide range of marina electricity and water supplies, along with deck and underwater lights that add a touch of luxury to your waterfront project. Marinetek works in co-operation with various harbour electricity installation providers such as Rolec, Plus Marine and Gigieffe.

Safety Equipment

Requirements for safety equipment in marinas are becoming more demanding. All marinas, as well as private pontoons, need many kinds of safety equipment. The Marinetek safety equipment selection includes all the essentials. 

Swimming Equipment

Marinetek swimming equipment adds value and safety to existing or new swimming arenas and private pontoons. 

Boat moorings

Marinetek offers a broad selection of boat mooring equipment, ranging from various types of fingers to buoys and cleats. All items reflect the latest technology and products are high quality and engineered to handle the necessary loads. All equipment is functional and easy to install.

Light boat booms

Light boat booms are cost effective and designed for easy and safe mooring. The basic package includes, in addition to the shaft of the boom and buoys, a plastic end fender and a fixing bar at the top end. The light boat booms are fixed to the pontoon with either a hinge or fixing adapter depending on the pontoon.

Heavy Duty and Concrete Fingers

Models F6000 – F12000

Steel framed Heavy Duty and Concrete Fingers represent the strongest and longest boat mooring equipment. They are suitable for all Marinetek concrete pontoon models. Being very stable, they offer secure mooring and comfortable access.

New models FN6000 – FN12000

Marineteks new walkable heavy duty fingers are designed according to the Australian international standards, which are most commonly used in the construction of marinas. The mooring fingers hull is welded to form a truss structure, which is very strong and rigid. Polyethylene floats are rotationally molded and stuffed.