All Marinetek pontoons can be moored by chain, Seaflex or steel piles. For each anchoring package there are fixation accessories suitable for every pontoon. When planning the mooring consideration has to be given to the local conditions like the wind, waves and level of water and ice. The quality of the seabed and depth of water also affect when choosing the anchoring package.

Marinetek Mooring Systems

Seaflex– mooring system is the best and most lasting on the market. It is especially suitable in deep waters.

Allows for depth changes

The flexible Seaflex allows for depth changes up to several meters.

Guarantees stability
Prestressed cables stabilize the pontoon and hold it steady.

Maintenance free 
Seaflex is nearly completely maintenance free. The service life of Seaflex is many times longer than a chain’s.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Seaflex has in its 30 year history been deemed very safe. Mooring by Seaflex also does not harm the seabed. 

Anchoring packages

Marinetek offers different anchoring packages for sheltered conditions. Always check you mooring system with your local dealer.

Anchoring package 2

For smaller concrete pontoons with timber frames, when depth is under 4 meters. Includes: 2 x 700kg sinker, 10 x 16mm shackle, 45m x 13mm chain, 2 x 250kg rubber spring. 

Anchoring package 3

For larger concrete pontoons with timber frames, when depth is under 4 meters. Includes: 2 x 1200kg sinker, 12 x 20mm shackle, 45m x 16mm chain, 2 x 500kg rubber spring. 


High quality anchors for buoys and pontoons. 

Shore Supports

Shore supports, steel springs, flexible shore fixing.

Villa Pontoons & Marina Equipment 2012_shoresupports

Chains and shackels

Villa Pontoons & Marina Equipment 2012_justchains

Anchoring rings and hooks and shackles.

Villa Pontoons & Marina Equipment 2012_justchains

ORT Helical Pile Foundation Solution and Pile Guides

ORT helical pile foundation method is a very efficient technique, suitable for almost any kind of construction. This method is especially suitable for constructions that are lighter, such as pontoons, terraces, shelters and cottages. Installation can be done either manually or by using hydraulic machine.