Marinetek Huvilalaiturit Muovilaiturit Simpukka

Villa Pontoons with Plastic Floats

Marinetek Timber Pontoon with plastic floats is the best solution when the shore is low and sheltered and the pontoon is used as a swimming pontoon or even attaching smaller boats. They are lightweight but still stable because of their large deck size. The wood construction is of treated pine with floats of either vacuum moulded plastic or tubes. Timber deck is made of treated pine or optionally of plastic composite.

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Mustekala layout

Octopus 1 is a great plastic float villa pontoon and is very stable due to its broad construction. Octopus 2, like Octopus 1, is a stable plastic float villa pontoon with length up to 9 meters.

Prices from 1 550 €

Octopus 1B  2B 
Total bearing capacity 1 580 kg 2 340 kg
Total weight 925 kg 1 600 kg
Float (plastic tube) 2 x ø400 mm 2 x ø400 mm
Freeboard 0,40 m 0,40 m
Access Bridge 1,2m x 5,0m 1,2m x 5,0m


nemo layout villa pontoons

The 4 meter long Nemo 1 is the smallest and most affordable Villa Pontoon model. Nemo 2 is also affordable and a great choice for a sheltered spot at the cottage shore.

Prices from 1 550 €

Nemo 1 2
Total bearing capacity 900 kg 1 050 kg
Total weight 400 kg 500 kg
Float 5 x M15 6 x M15
Freeboard 0,30 m 0,30 m
Access Bridge 1,2m x 4,0m 1,2m x 4,0m

Scallop 1

simpukka layout

The height of the deck on Scallop makes it especially suitable as a swimming pontoon. It can also be installed in a T-shape and, if required, expanded to create a larger arrangement.

Prices from 2 200 €

Scallop 1 A B
Total bearing capacity 1 050 kg 890 kg
Total weight 630 kg 700 kg
Float (plastic tube) 6 x M15 (2 x ø315 mm)
Freeboard 0,30 m 0,40 m
Access Bridge 1,2m x 5,0m 1,2m x 5,0m

Scallop 2

simpukka 2 layout

Scallop 2 is the slightly longer and bigger version of Scallop 1 with a higher total bearing capacity.

Prices from 2 600 €

Scallop 2 A B
Total bearing capacity 1 460 kg 1 580 kg
Total weight 745 kg 880 kg
Float (plastic tube) 8 x M15 (2 x ø400 mm)
Freeboard 0,30 m 0,40 m
Access Bridge 1,2m x 5,0m 1,2m x 5,0m