Villa pontoons and equipment sea bear with raised deck

Custom pontoons

Marineteks villa pontoons and marina construction is complemented by customised pontoons. Marineteks pontoons can be customized almost endlessly to meet individual needs. With concrete pontoons in particular it is possible to build diverse pontoons. This is possible because of the the wooden frame, which comes is set on top of a small-sized concrete pontoon. Concrete pontoons come in four different sizes, so many dimensions and shapes are possible to achieve. If you want to curved shapes, the best way is to use a steel frame. The most common structure to be customised is the wooden covers and heavy duty pontoons give this a particularly good opportunity. The cover can be raised, lowered and widened, and with the possibility of personalised elements. Ask your closest dealer for more information.

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By connecting heavy duty pontoons, big and high quality structures for demanding needs are possible. The special solution can be covered with either pressure-treated pine or a plastic composite decking.

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Smaller concrete pontoons are handy for constructing a specific tailor-made solution for a shore or marina. This smaller concrete pontoon is very handy to use for specific tailor-made solutions. This pontoon owned by a housing company in Helsinki has all the essentials.

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This overpass bridge was made using the Oyster concrete pontoon as a base. The covers, reaching all the way to the water surface, makes the bridge look clean and fit its surroundings.

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This specially structured Sea bear has a custom made cover, access bridge, fenders, WTS- bollardsm swimming ladder and wooden railings with rope interlacing. The lower edge on the deck makes access to smaller boats easier.

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Plastic pontoons can also be larger. This large pontoon is built exactly, including lighting and railing specifications, according to the wishes and needs of the customer. Plastic tubes are used as floats.

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A higher deck can be made on the Sea Bear for better service in professional boating. This pontoon is equipped with a 1 meter high deck and safety equipment. 

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