Marinetek offers a wide range of villa pontoons with concrete, plastic and Heavy Duty floats for all types of leisure activities. Marinetek’s Villa Pontoon is a Finnish quality product, which is built to last the rough conditions of the north. Our experience in the marina industry has given us the ability to build villa pontoons that last. Each pontoon can be customized to your own specific need. Stable, spacious and safe Villa Pontoons help you make the best use of your waterfront and are excellent places for the whole family to relax. In addition to pontoons Marinetek has an extensive selection of marina equipment.

Marinetek Villa Pontoons are sold through our network of dealers which are spread around in Finland. Search for your closest dealer here.

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Villa Pontoons with Plastic Floats

and a wooden framework are an economical solution for shallow and wind protected sites. Villa Pontoons’ timber deck is made of treated pine or optionally of plastic wood composite.

Villa Pontoons with Concrete Floats

comprise separate floats and a wooden frame for a strong, long lasting, maintenance free pontoon solution.

Heavy Duty Villa Pontoons

are designed for demanding and challenging conditions and can safely moor larger size boats.

Custom Pontoons

complement Marineteks villa pontoons and marina construction. Marineteks pontoons can be customized almost endlessly to meet individual needs. The most common structure to be customised is the wooden covers and personalised elements


Marinetek offers a wide range of equipment for different purposes. The selection includes different accessories for swimming and safety in addition to other general necessities to make your spare time as easy and safe as possible.


All Marinetek pontoons can be moored by chain, Seaflex or steel piles. For each anchoring package there are fixation accessories suitable for every pontoon.


Success continued in Gibraltar

Marinetek Finland to build 700-berth marina                               After winning the Bathing Pavilion project and the first phase of Marina Bay projects in Gibraltar, Marinetek Finland has been awarded a project to build a 700 berth Small Boat Marina in Gibraltar. It will […]

Berth for the 2014 season

The boating season is at its peak! New Port marinas offer a safe place for your boat in several cities in Finland. Berths are still available, call 09 682 4100.

Marinetek Finland is feeling great at HSK:n Klubitalo.
Marinetek Finland

Suomen Marinetek-ammattilaiset jälleen koolla!

Vuosi on kääntynyt kohti talvea ja viimeisetkin laituriasennukset alkavat olla valmiina. Tekemisen keskellä meillä Marinetek-ammattilaisilla oli jälleen ilo kokoontua vuosittaisen jälleenmyyjäpäivän merkeissä.

Ranta laitureineen on läheinen osa suomalaisuutta. Lisäksi arvostamme meille tärkeää pääomaa, eli suomalaista erikoisosaamista. Me yhdessä vastaamme näihin odotuksiin, lisääntyvään laiturikysyntään ja palvelutarjontaan venesatamille.

Tässä prorukassa kiteytyy alan kärkiosaaminen ja intohimo toteuttaa parasta!
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