New Port Virpiniemi

New Port Virpiniemi (65 07,60’ N 25 14,30’ E) is located in Oulu right next to the Coast uard Station of the North Sea. The marina is new and modern. It has been dredged into a depth of 4 meters and is protected by a solid breakwater. The marina is in the crossroads of the Bay of Bothnia boating routes along the region’s busiest boating channel. Hailuoto is  22 miles and the Swedish port of Kalix only 65 miles away. The area offers good boating, leisure and entertainment facilities. At the Virpiniemi sportscenter close by you can play tennis, football and there is a climbing wall and fitness center. A golf course and restaurant are 400 meters away, the beach 800 m and a horse stables just 1.5 km. Fuel station, shop and the idyllic Kiviniemi fishing port with a fishing museum, fresh fish sales, and restaurants are also just two seamiles from the marina.


Leo Hahtonen
+358 400 682 700

Marina address:

90820 Kello