New Port Concept

New Port- marinas fill the needs and wishes of even the most demanding boater. New Port is a modern, safe and easy-to-use marina concept built by Marinetek ensuring high quality service for boats of all sizes. The New Port chain owned by Marinetek Marinas Oy is expanding with demand.  By 2014 nine cities around Finland have a New Port- marina to take care of your boat and ensure careless boating trips.

Boats are mainly moored onto walkable boat booms (types 2-6) and bigger boats at the side onto the pontoons. Mooring is effortless in all conditions and passage to the boats is easy and safe. The berths have a electricity outlet (not type 1), that has been equipped with fuses and residual current circuit breakers according to regulations. The pontoons also have a water supply and are illuminated. 

Protecting the environment

New Port takes care of the environment. Pump-out stations for septic tanks are available in the marinas or in the close by area. The waste management points are cleaned and emptied often enough. The waste management plan is according to the regulations of the Finnish Environment Institute. 


New Port is a very safe marina. The gate with a lock prevents outsiders passage to the marina. Almost all the marinas have additional security watch. The pontoons have life saving posts, fire fighters and safety ladders according to Finnish Maritime Administration regulations.

Renting or buying

New Port- marinas are subsidiary companies belonging to the corporation Marinetek Group Oy. You can rent a berth for a short or longer period. You can also buy your own berth share from the marinas in Keilalahti, Kalanokka and Ratinanranta.

Sales and marketing

Jaakko Heinonen
Petri Grönlund