New Port Kotka

New Port Kotka (60 28,10’ N 26 56,20’ E) is located at the best part of Kotka, Kantasatama of Kotkasaari. It’s just a short walk to the City Center. The Maritime Centre Vellamo is one of the neighbours, in addition to the department stores and restaurants in the nearby area. There is easy access to the highway, and the Capital Region is just an hours drive away. Hamina, Kouvola, Loviisa and Porvoo are also close by. The sheltered marina offers great services. The marina is located by the Kymi river delta and gorgeous boating destinations are close at hand.


Oy Kotka Yacht Store Ltd
+358 5 225 0074
+358 50 3831 261

Marina address:

Kotkan satama
48130 Kotka