New Port Kalanokka

New Port Kalanokka (60 10,74’ N, 25 50,24’ E) is located on the boarder of Espoo and Helsinki, in front of HTC Keilaniemi -office building. The neighbours of the marina are world famous companies with their magnificent office buildings as well as the other New Port marina, Keilalahti. The marina is sheltered, safe and is very suitable for smaller motorboats. It is a great location with easy access to Helsinki City Center and a walking distance from Tapiola business center and Otaniemi Technology Village. The beautiful boating routes open up right from the marina and its gorgeous beach boulevard to every direction. There are two passages to New Port Kalanokka; from east and south. 


Marinetek Marinas
+358 9 682 4100
Jaakko Heinonen
+358 44 583 8893
Petri Grönlund
+358 40 480 7878

Marina address:

Keilaranta 13
02150 Espoo

Marina map:

Kalanokan satama_2013_1100x1100_ENG