Marina Construction

Over the last 15 years Marinetek has built 2 000 marinas in 35 countries, from the Arctic Circle to the Persian Gulf and Grenada in the Caribbean. Marinetek is one of the leading marina developers in the world. Due to its extensive service offering and product range, Marinetek continues to be the One Stop Shop for Waterfront SolutionsWe constantly strengthen our services and product range. Marinetek maintains a strong focus on product and technology development to bring the most suitable marina and floating structure solutions to the market. Serving our worldwide customers in the best way every day and being able to deliver successful turnkey marina solutions represent our core priority.

The Marinetek brand stands for best possible quality products and services for our customers worldwide. The Marinetek network of experts, subcontractors and partners guarantees reliability and the finest attention to detail. Customer satisfaction and state-of-the-art quality are Marinetek’s main priority. We take pride in that no single unit has ever failed in any of the 2000 demanding projects delivered.

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Venesatamarakentaminen suunnitteluWe provide consulting and engineering services for anyone interested in marina and waterfront development, floating solutions and infrastructures related to marina projects. The Marinetek Group has an extensive network of experts with over 400 members qualified to undertake demanding consulting tasks.

Properly and correctly drafted engineering documents for a marina and floating structure project can be a great saving at the marina construction stage and throughout the lifetime of the project. This type of forward planning ensures you choose the right products and optimises the marina layout for your property. We consider all marina and floating structure projects to be unique and put our best efforts into every design project. Please contact our experts for further information.


To ensure the perfect functionality of Marinetek products right from the beginning, and to avoid any risks of malfunctioning during the long life cycle of the product, we strongly recommend that all the products are installed by professionals. Marinetek has a network of well-trained and licensed installation professional’s serving clients in almost every corner of the world. Installation services are part of Marinetek’s Turn Key service offering, and therefore our clients can be assured their marina is installed properly with high care to details. The installation team will be responsible for all installation related areas, such as logistic, anchoring, pontoon installation, utility installation, diving inspections etc.

Project Management

Venesatamarakentaminen projektinhallintaMarinetek has built several hundred large turnkey marina projects throughout the world for over 15 years. With our experience and know-how, Marinetek offers Project Management services all around the world. With the global network of Marinetek professionals a marina project can be carried out more easily and more economically with top quality results. Marinetek’s Project Manager can participate in projects and handle the most critical pontoon related parts of a project or execute the whole marina project as a turnkey solution.

Marina maintenance and management

Marinetek is a service partner of marinas for the complete life cycle. The customized services for each marina’s specific needs include modernization, conceptual planning, construction, project management etc. Marinetek also offers different Marina Maintenance Services. Contact Marinetek or your local Marinetek representative to find suitable Maintenance Solutions for your marina. Know-how gathered through years of experience in the industry makes Marinetek a reliable service partner for all your marina needs. 



Marinetek guarantees high quality by working under many licenses, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Choosing Marinetek in addition to getting a high quality product, the costumer also receives the special knowledge of the whole team of networks.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management

More information about the ISO-lincences can be found here Finnish Standards Association SFS or here International Organization for Standardization