Success continued in Gibraltar

Marinetek Finland to build 700-berth marina



The 700 berth Small Boat Marina in Gibraltar has 1700 m of Marinetek’s All-Concrete Pontoons. The project is huge and unusual in international terms as will be delivered in one phase.















After winning the Bathing Pavilion project and the first phase of Marina Bay projects in Gibraltar, Marinetek Finland has been awarded a project to build a 700 berth Small Boat Marina in Gibraltar. It will cater for 700 local boats up to 10 m and thus increase the total number of berths in Gibraltar significantly. The marina will be protected by a fixed breakwater to be built simultaneously, which will also serve as a public promenade and for berthing for mega yachts and passenger ships. The fixed structures are being built by the main contractor Gibraltar Joinery & Building Services (GJBS), for whom Marinetek is acting as a subcontractor. The end customer is the Gibraltar Government.

700SBM Gibraltar Marina Marinetek Newsletter Ville Markku

From left: Ville Frost, Sales Manager, Markku Rantanen, Senior Partner of Marinetek Finland and Gino Catania, Senior Project Manager of GJ BS.

The project has high demands for the long life time and low life-cycle costs. Thus Marinetek’s All-Concrete pontoons were therefore chosen as they require minimum annual maintenance and have a 50 year design life. For the same reason long-life Titanium Hybrid Seaflex was chosen as the mooring system. The pontoons are equipped with Marinetek’s new FN8000 and FN600K fingers with WPC-decking and F6000C Concrete Fingers along with Rolec’s smart card electricity and water services. The marina lighting system is powered by solar panels to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. The marina has also been designed to give disabled boaters good access to boats. The project has a very tight deadline of June 2015, by which time Marinetek is to supply and install a total of 140 large size pontoon units and 350 mooring fingers among other equipment. Due to the delayed start of the project, Marinetek has had to speed up production significantly and is using its network of manufacturing facilities in three factories: Finland, Latvia and Sweden.

“We will use five different production lines in three countries and our weekly production will be 20 units. The fingers will be produced in Sweden and in Latvia with four production lines. This is a good example of how our “One Marinetek” strategy works when big and fast deliveries are needed,” says Ville Leisti, Technical Director of Marinetek Group.

This project is huge and unusual in international terms as it will be delivered in one phase. The delivery time is also very short.

700 SBM Gibraltar Marina Marinetek Newsletter

The marina has the latest technology including the new Marinetek’s FN-Fingers, Rolec Smart Card electric metering system, key card access, led lighting with solar power and Seaflex’s titanium mooring system.

“We have been designing the details since late September and the production starts within two weeks, first in Finland and Latvia and right after in Sweden. The deliveries will start in Decemberand the installation by 15th March. There is quite a lot of operations and logistics involved, but this is not the first time we are doing this. Actually we have done this more than 2000 times before in Marinetek’s history ”, comments Markku Rantanen, Senior Partner of Marinetek Finland. 

“We are very happy to build this world class marina reference and add it to our previous success stories in Limassol, Cyprus and Aker Brygge, Norway. With the support of our parent company’s network we are able to handle the manufacturing and logistic challenges and serve our customers in the best way and deliver the project in on time,” says Ville Frost, Sales Manager of Marinetek Finland.

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Berth for the 2014 season

New Port Keilalahti, Suomi

The boating season is at its peak! New Port marinas offer a safe place for your boat in several cities in Finland. Berths are still available, call 09 682 4100.

Dream team takes Marinetek into third decade

This year could be the best ever for Marinetek. Having battled through the recession and emerged with an order book for prestigious international contracts, the company is all set to enter its third decade. The icing on the cake is a change to senior management that will give the company “a dream team”. 

Rantanen Saarikko Seppälä

Marinetek founders Markku Rantanen (left) and Ilkka Seppälä (right) with Jukka Saarikko (centre), who starts as CEO of Marinetek Group in August.

On 1st August, in good time for Marinetek to celebrate its 20th anniversar in the coming autumn, co-founder Ilkka Seppälä will step down as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to become full-time Chairman of the Board, and current Executive Vice President, Jukka Saarikko, will be the company’s new CEO. The board will also be further strengthened by a new member, Pekka Luoma.

It’s an exciting time for change and Seppälä is eager to embrace new opportunities for the company. “Now that Marinetek has 20 years of strong global growth under its belt, I think it’s the perfect time to leave my duties as CEO and concentrate on ensuring the sustainable growth and strategic development of the company from the boardroom,” he said. “We have much to look forward to.”

Incoming CEO, Jukka Saarikko (53), who has been with the company since 2007 and has been Executive Vice President since 2012, is keen to streamline existing operations and capitalise on the company’s success in many different geographical markets.

Guiding light

The main task of the corporation’s parent company is to guide the subsidiaries – and there is plenty of scope. The corporation comprises 24 different companies, ten of which are outside of Finland in countries such as the USA, Singapore, Dubai, Sweden, Croatia and Russia.

“The core business of the company is now doing well and our market position in the Nordic countries, Russia, Croatia, Denmark, Poland and Romania is very strong. My most pressing tasks will be to further develop business activities in the USA and complete our integration with the companies we have purchased in Sweden,” Saarikko revealed.

The corporation currently has dozens of ongoing projects around the world, the largest of which include an iconic Bathing Pavilion in Gibraltar, rowing stadion in Romania and marina projects in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), Sochi (Russia), Skradin (Croatia), Meljine (Montenegro), Cannes (France), Canouan (Carribean), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Phuket (Thailand). “Results for this year are already more positive than for 2013 and project sales have gone well around the world. Our new products and more competitive pricing structure have been well received and our market position has strengthened in line with our aims,” he continued.

Strength at the top table


The board members (l to r): Pekka Luoma, Vesa Koivula, Ilkka Seppälä, Risto Kyhälä and Antti Niemi.

New board member, Pekka Luoma, comes to Marinetek with a wealth of international business experience. He worked for 18 years at Ernst & Young – first as CEO and later as Chairman of the Board – and served for six years on the board of Ernst & Young Global and EMEIA (Europe, Middle-East-India, Africa). He is a skilled strategist who excels at managing specialist organisations and is well versed in corporate governance, financing and taxation.

The other expert board members are: Risto Kyhälä, who has detailed knowledge of property development and corporate management; Vesa Koivula, who is CEO of the listed company Cramo Oy, and has considerable experience in international project management and the global construction industry; and Antti Niemi, a Partner at Peltonen LMR Attorneys. Niemi, the longest serving board member, acts as Marinetek’s company lawyer and has broad knowledge in corporate acquisitions and financing.

“After many years of strong growth, Marinetek has been hit over the past three years by the pan-European recession. This has most particularly affected our core business,” Seppälä explained. “Becoming established in markets in China and the USA has also taken a lot of resources in a falling market and major changes in customer expectations and financing tools have brought additional challenges. We now have a dream team and are developing our products and processes in different parts of the world. Marinetek is back on track and growing again and we expect this year to be the best in the company’s history,” he enthused.

Marinetek is the leading marina supplier in Europe and has delivered more than 2,000 projects in 47 countries. The company is famous for its heavy concrete pontoons systems and breakwaters and floating solutions such as integrated marinas, swimming arenas, bathing pavilions, overpass bridges and floating houses. Marinetek also owns the New Port marina chain in Finland.

For more information:

Jukka Saarikko, +358 500 634 524,
Ilkka Seppälä, +358 505 522 222,

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Venesatama Sochissa

Marinetek SPB completes superyacht moorings for Winter Olympics


When the city of Sochi, one of the biggest and most beautiful resorts on the Russian Black Sea coast, plays host to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, VIPs will be able to tie up at new highend superyacht moorings built by Marinetek Group subsidiary, Marinetek SPB. Sochi Grand Marina, a fullservice facility with 210 berths for vessels up to 50m in length, is an integral part of the City’s official preparation programme for a sporting event that will give Sochi international limelight. It is also the home port for Yacht #1, the official yacht of the president of the Russian Federation

Preparing to build

Having secured a much sought after contract from the Commercial Seaport of Sochi, Marinetek SPB set about preparing to build the moorings as part of the Sochi Grand Marina project. The marina was to be built in a disused cargo port that was also being regenerated to include a cruise ship terminal. As all had to be ready in good time for February 2014, when the Games commence, careful planning and strict timetabling was essential. Marinetek chose its top of the range concrete pontoons to create 180m of mooring. The main walkway comprises 4.3m-wide Heavy Duty pontoons, and the pontoon fingers are Heavy Duty and All-Concrete pontoon types. All elements were manufactured under licence in St Petersburg, where they were subject to strict quality control and continuous customer inspections. Production started in October 2012 and the last float was completed in April 2013.